Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Which are the best hotel management institutes in India that offers hospitality and hotel management courses?

The demand for hotel management and hospitality professionals surged up in the recent year. In fact, this is one of the industries that never fall for recession. This is a massive field that offers lucrative career opportunities for the passionate candidates. Hotel management institutes offer certificate, diploma and degree courses for the students. If you look for the best hotel management institute in India, looks no further than Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management.

Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management Mumbai

SRIHM is the leading institute of hotel management in Mumbai. Hospitality industry has created new connotations in the contemporary world. The institute is affiliated to Mumbai University.  The hotel management courses offered by SRIHM led to a transition from academics into a successful career in the industry.

Hotel Management Courses offered by SRIHM

SRIHM offers five courses in hotel management and hospitality streams.

1. B.Sc. Hospitality Studies -  3 years

2. BA in Culinary Arts – 3 years

3. M.Sc. Hotel and Hospitality Studies – 2 years

Apart from these three graduate courses, the institute offers associate degree programs. These are in-house training courses, with the duration of 2 years.

1. Associate Degree in Culinary Arts

2. Associate Degree in Hospitality Studies  

Those who look forward to pursue diploma in culinary course, can join the 3 years undergraduate program. These courses offer a clear pathway be a part of to the rapidly development career industry. These programs aren’t designed merely based on academics, but also influences the culinary world. The students get extensive training and exposure, which fetch them lucrative careers.

Admission to the Hotel Management Courses

Entrance test is mandatory to join the graduate hotel management courses and masters in hotel management courses. Entrance test is followed by group discussion and a formal interview. Candidates for the hotel management courses are selected based only on merit.

SRIHM offers state-of-the-art facility to the students. Students get in-house training which is part of the course curriculum in the training institutes, kitchens, restaurants, bakery, housekeeping labs, front office lab, confectionary, and bars attached to the campus. 

Food Presentation and Food Media

Apart from these basic courses, SRIHM recently introduced post graduate program in Food Presentation and Food Media. This professional program is first of its kind in India. The program changes the face of culinary industry in India. More than concentration on the food and presentation, the program also focuses on food centric communication, food and media, role and impact of media in the culinary industry, honing marketing skills, food decoration, social media and blogging.

SRIHM has ties with the hospitality units of the reputed star hotels across the country. To name a few, The Carlton Kodaikanal, Courtyard Marriot Chennai, J.W. Marriot Mumbai, Ramada Plaza Palm Groove Mumbai etc.

The ultimate objective of SRIHM is to create trained and skilled manpower for the hospitality sectors. SRIHM is one of the institutes Sheila Raheja educational group, dedicated to offer quality education meeting the international standards.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Globalization Trend - Rising Demand for Hotel Management Professionals

Travel is becoming an essential part of people’s lives now than ever before; whether it is travelling for leisure or business, the travel sector is booming in India and across several parts of the globe. The growth of hospitality sector is closely linked with the travel industry as travellers depend upon hospitality professionals for service, comfort, and fun when they are away from their home.

Hospitality gets its name from the French word hospice that means to take care of travellers. Therefore, with tourists growing, backed on the globalization trend, the demand for more hotels, hotel apartment, lodges and other tourist and entertainment facilities are also rising all across the globe, making a career in hospitality segment a most desirable field. It has been reported that about 8 percent of total world jobs come under the travel and tourism segment, as per the World Travel and Tourism Council data.

The hospitality jobs are glamorous and as well as stressful. Those working in the field will sometimes find them working in stressful conditions while addressing the guests’ requests and complaints. Hence, those pursuing this career need to have the ability to think quickly, creativity, tactfully and have excellent communication skills to be successful in this field.

Need for hotel management course

For venturing into a career in the hospitality field, enrolling at an institute of hotel management for studies becomes necessary. This is because a hotel management course prepares the students to step into the ever-expanding sector of abundant career opportunities.

The course blends academic theory and up-to-date industry expertise, providing a vast a variety of subjects that covers hospitality law, project management, customer service and much more, which gives students a chance to enhance their CVs. The hotel management courses equip students with all the necessary skills to manage different jobs efficiently like reception and concierge services, restaurant and bar functions, administration, management and marketing.

Perks of hotel management career

·Ease of entry-level jobs

Most sectors demand work experience, even when hiring for the lower, entry-level positions. However, the hospitality industry is keen to employ the fresher and inexperienced students, providing them with a platform to start their career and even give them training benefits. Therefore, for the new graduates, the hospitality industry is packed with opportunities.

·Cheerful work surroundings

Hospitality field is all about looking after visitors that are coming to relax away from their hectic everyday life. The work environment at hotels and resorts is always pleasing, allowing tourists to unwind. Therefore, employees working at hotels and resorts are always surrounded by happy vacationers, hence, feeling of tranquility and pleasure to some extent even passes to them.

·Competitive salary

As stated earlier, hospitality jobs have abundant entry-level employment options, and students can expect to get a salary of Rs 8000 to Rs 10,000 even at the start of their career. The compensation rises fast with experience but the rates may differ based on the position, location and the place of work as one may choose to work at big hotel chains resorts, roadside motels lodges and much more.

Other rewards

Besides the salary, employees also get several other benefits from their employers like healthcare packages, retirement plans, and generous maternity leave, sick leave, and vacation pay policies. Moreover, the industry offers additional rewards like fulfilling your desire to travel to the most exotic and desirable locations on concession rates and sometimes for some top-level employees even go free. All these factors make studying hotel management courses both at an introductory and advanced level, rewarding career choice.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Climb the hospitality ladder with hospitality management courses

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries in India and across the globe. More people tend to travel globally for business, education, entertainment, holidays, and many other reasons, and this is driving the growth of this industry. As the sector is booming in India, it offers a wide range of employment options for all those studying hospitality management courses. Students trained at hotel management Mumbai can consider working at international household-name restaurant, hotel and travel groups to a local family-owned hospitality businesses group.

Moreover, with India’s diversified culture and heritage richness, the country will continue to maintain its attractiveness for tourists that further assure growth in job opportunities. Beaches, hill stations, heritage sites, wildlife and rural life, India guarantees to cater all segment of people that also adds to the tourism industry’s growth. The tourism sector further boosts the demand for hospitality developments, which in turn requires trained professionals to work in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

If you are an outgoing personality, can do multi-tasking, i.e., handle several tasks at the same time and are passionate about food and beverage sector and like meeting new people then earning a diploma in hotel management will be your way to secure a position in this industry. Several culinary schools and colleges offer courses in hotel management in Mumbai and across other parts of India.

1. Meet interesting people

Working in the hospitality segment would mean, visitors, are coming from across the globe for business and vacations. This gives you the opportunity to meet, interact, and be friends with diverse range travelers from around the world. If you love to be social and enjoy conversing with new people, then enrolling in hospitality management courses will be your entry into the field.

2. Get attractive salary

Money is a big incentive for any job you undertake, and a career in hotel management can assure you to get an impressive salary. Although an entry level pay for a new graduate starts between Rs.7000 to Rs.10,000, as you grow on your experience, your salary and work incentives will rise faster than in any other career. Acquiring the industry skills at hotel management Mumbai can become your stepping-stone towards a financially rewarding career ahead.

3. Visit the world

Getting a diploma in hotel management can give you a chance to live and work at hotels located in popular destinations that is well-known as a business and vacation zone. The job may also command you to travel around the world that means visiting foreign places that were once your dream would become a living reality.

4. Be part of a rapidly booming sector

Even the economic crisis has had a minimal effect on the hospitality and travel industry, making these sectors the best areas for employment. The industry is still facing challenges of hiring skilled professionals; hence, a diploma in hotel management degree can give you a quick entry into the field. Also, the sector rewards well to all those people that are talented and focused individuals. Which means after completing hotel management courses, you may start working at a local motel, then move to a larger hotel and then ultimately get employed at a luxury resort in an exotic location.