Monday, 23 January 2017

Discover Unexpected Yourself By Joining Food Journalism Courses

Many high school students think hotel management course are limited to f & b management and housekeeping but least did they know about the variant opportunities of this industry. If you have a knack for delighting taste buds and at the same time would prefer journalism as graduation course, you should be surprised to know that certain renowned hotel management institutes offer food journalism courses.
Though many people take food journalism as a chef, but there are other career options of food journalism:
  1.         Restaurant Food critic expert
  2.         Nutrition writer
  3.         Food photography
  4.         Culinary Author
  5.         Professor

Check out the benefits of taking up food journalism as a subject:
        Since people’s indulgence in gastronomy is quite popular many small and big joints hire food critic experts, to review their restaurant and rate their service. These reviews are further published on social media networks, magazines and other media channels for further advertisements. The critic expert gets to taste a wide range of preparations and write about the taste and quality.

        If you are a health freak you should definitely try your luck as nutrition writer as there are quite a few nutrition writers available and this job is of high demand. But, the only thing you need to know other than healthy recipes, it is about food science and health effects of the nutrition food.
        Nowadays if you open the newspaper you will find many reviews, rating and pictures of the different restaurants and food platters, so if photography is one of your hidden passion, it's time to unleash and try your career in the same field.
        For people who are completely gastronomical and have a fair sense of creativity in trying new recipes, can write their recipes and preparation techniques on different blogging network. Comments and views can get you media exposure, so, on the other hand, you can always write down a recipe book and take up a career as a culinary author.

        You can also take up teaching as your profession in this hospitality industry, but for that, you need to have an M.Sc. in hospitality. Once you have a degree you can take classes for undergraduate students, or even take special classes for home science students.

Food media courses are pretty new to this industry and recently it is gaining popularity on different channels, media related workshop, media contests etc. If you are a foodie person being a food critic should be a dream job for you, especially when you get an exposure from both the industry. Moreover, if you possess the good skill and knowledge about the food you can become a renowned food journalist, as of now this opportunity is not at all saturated and has much wider opportunities to explore.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Inspire Yourself In New Ways By Joining Our Institute Of Hotel Management

We all need a promising career and the ideal way to start your career is to pursue graduation in the field in which you have interest and where you can develop your skills. As we can see how the hospitality industry is growing and has wide opportunities all over the world, a career in this field has a lot of benefits. If you think of building prosperous careers check out the hotel management courses Mumbai.
Check out the courses for hotel management in our institution:
                B.Sc. (hospitality service): Bachelor degree is ideal for candidates looking forward to developing their career in hotel and hospitality service, this is three-year graduation course where a candidate is taught about all the fields of hotel industry like  f&b service and management, housekeeping etc and enhance their skills for the same.

                M.Sc. (hotel & hospitality administration): hotel management is apt for candidates who want to pursue a career as teachers or professors in this subject. Moreover, it has high value if you are pursuing the international career. This is a two-year course where a candidate is taught about different types of hospitality management which include subjects like tourism, cruise line, event, human resource, finance etc.

                BA (culinary arts): This specialised B.A. course for candidates looking forward to building their career as chef and bar experts. This is three-year graduation degree course especially for candidates to build their skills and gain expertise in culinary arts. The subject includes national and international culinary art subjects.

                Associated degree (culinary arts): This is a two-year full-time course ideal for candidates having the interest in culinary arts, here a candidate gets trained in developing their culinary art skills, this subject is more of practical training regard culinary crafts. On successful completion of this subject and candidate is directly promoted to B.A. third year.

                Associate degree in hospitality studies: This is two-year program basically conducted for introducing the hospitality operations and an initiative to escalate career prospects of the candidate. A candidate can pursue B.SC degree final year on successful attempt in this subject. The subject is apt for students who want to pursue a career in production.
Our institute is more focused on developing a candidate’s skill rather than the textual content, as we believe in lifting up the potential of the candidate and pay special attention to preparing the candidates for future and industrial exposure in their career. A candidate can select subject according to their interest and follow their interest in being a food critic or food journalist or F&B management or being a professor for hospitality management studies. There are abundant options to secure your career and interest in this field.