Monday, 25 April 2016

Hotel Management – A profitable Career for Students!

In last few years, hotel and hospitality management courses are getting a lot of popularity. There are many colleges which  have come up with hotel management and hospitality courses in recent years. The reason is globalization and boom in the tourism industry. Travelling  has become pastime for people. Though travel can be categories in the 'business travel' and 'leisure travel' but both of it has considerably affected the hotel management industry.

The hotel and hospitality management courses teach a student many aspects of hotel and hospitality industry which includes  front office management,  food and beverage management, housekeeping management, customer services, etc. It basically revolves around the client services and how to give clients a comfortable stay away from their home so that they can concentrate on their work or can enjoy their trip without worrying about the stay, food , housekeeping and other things.

In hotel and hospitality management courses client service skill is given maximum importance as it works as the backbone of the hotel industry. But if you give a deep thought to this you will come know that client service is part of many other businesses as well such as in travel and tourism industry, restaurants, spa, airline industry, retail and many more. The kind of jobs you can get in these industries with hotel and hospitality management courses are:

Hotel Industry: This is the most obvious opportunity that every student of hotel management course will get. In this, you can get position of manager or assistant manager for managing front office, housekeeping, food production, etc. Your salary can depend on the size of a hotel and your experience in this field.

Restaurant and Beverage Industry: This job can include taking care of all the restaurant and beverage services which include managing budget and marketing, customer relations, the order of supplies etc.

Travel and Tourism: In this industry, you can get a job of manager-tour and tourism, travel agents, etc which includes services like  travel booking,  sales, and marketing, etc. The benefit with travel and tourism industry is that not only good salary but you will also get the chance to travel different places.

Airline  and cruise Industry: Airlines is also one of the best  industries where hotel management students can get lot of jobs. You can work here as air hostess, ground staff, public relation officer, etc. and in the cruise, you can work as cruise stewards, client relation officers, etc. The best thing about  these  industries is that they pay high salaries.

Retail Industry:  With the increase in a number of malls and retail outlet, it is not difficult to find a job in this industry. Here you can get a job of manager, customer service manager, sales, and marketing manager, front desk manager, etc.

Teaching: As the number of hotel management colleges is growing, the need of teachers having good knowledge and experience in hotel management industry is also increasing. So, you can join hotel management college as a teacher as well.
Except this, you can work as PRO and sale and marketing manager in other industries as well. If you don't want to go for a job, you can start your own business or can work as a freelance consultant for hotels and restaurants.

By choosing hotel and hospitality management courses, you are taking up a career which will provide you great job opportunities in many different industries. This is the reason that it is considered as a very profitable course for students. Further, if you have any doubts or want to share your views on this article, please comment below. Read More